Halifax River Yacht Club

Black & White Line Drawing of Halifax River Yacht Club
Facebook AD – 1200×658.

I had a FB AD rejected because it didn’t meet the “less than 20% text rule.” There were few words, so I was surprised. I uploaded it to the Facebook Grid and realized that it wasn’t an issue of how many words, or characters, but where the words were located.

It turns out that each box in the grid represents 4% of the image size. So, text that enters two boxes, covers 8%. The headline on the AD that was rejected was on one of the horizontal lines, so the FOUR words were in EIGHT boxes, or 32% of the space.

I redid the graphic, making sure the text was not overlapping boxes, and the new AD was approved in less than 10 minutes.

Facebook Grid

#DaytonaBeach Christmas Boat Parade 2015

The Halifax River Yacht Club will host the 16th edition of the the Daytona Beach Christmas Boat Parade on Saturday night, 5 December 2015.

Live video, as well as post-parade video, will be featured on the internet TV channel – DaytonaBeach-Live.com and DaytonainternetTV.com.

Check out http://daytonabeachchristmasboatparade.com for information. 1st time entries are free. Prizes in Sail and Power categories, as well as new participants. Awards based on combination of theme and music.

Sponsors will be included in post event video, as well as during the live streaming of the parade. Aerial coverage by Airwaves of Daytona Beach flying a DJI Phantom Pro 3 with HD streaming to Youtube.

Contact the Halifax River Yacht Club at 386.255.7459 with questions. Ask for Karen or Lori.

Video by Ken English – DaytonaBeachVideoMarketing.com and Mediamojoguy.com.