Royalty-free Music for Explaindio and EasySketchPro2

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Steve Forster is a composer. He has recognized the need for quality music for online video. It used to be that simply having a video online was enough. Now, the quality of the visual presentation is paramount. But what about the audio? If there is a voice, it should be over music. If there is no voice, only text and images, then the music has to carry the video. Online video, after all, is entertainment. Yes, it sells products and services, but if it doesn’t entertain, viewership will suffer.

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Send a Video Greeting Card

Let me produce a 60 second Video Card for you.

I’ll do it with just your name or your name and a message of 140 characters, with music. You can submit up to 3 images. Then, I’ll upload the video to Youtube – your channel and/or mine.

$60 for 60 seconds. $90 for 90 seconds. You can submit up to 30 seconds of an audio message (mp3), if so inclined. If you have a special request, let me know:

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Do you want to have video on your website?

Video is an essential part of online marketing. It doesn’t have to be full motion to be indexed by Google, and other search engines.

It can be as simple as digital image to video, using services such as Animoto and Photodex. You can use Powerpoint, VideoMakerFX, EasySketchPro, or Explaindio to present your message, with or without narration.

This video was done with Explaindio.